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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Voice

Have realised that I'm struggling with looking after myself and am wondering why...again.

It's usually pretty easy for me to get myself up and long as I don't think about it too much and start having conversations with the voice in my head that can, it seems, so easily convince me that it's really not worth it at all, and besides it's uncomfortable and I won't have enough time and really should be doing something else and my shoes aren't right anyway and my knees hurt today,..... I know I'm not the only human on the planet to experience this, but I do wonder if it will ever stop some days.

Of course when I get up and get out and move it's just what I needed and makes me feel soooo good. How is it that the anticipation is so energy sapping when I KNOW that moving feels so ENERGIZING??? Go figure the logic - if there is any! ( and I know there isn't).

Strangely enough there seems to be in each of us a "Saboteur" and a "Cheer Squad" (Maybe we're talking Devils and Angels here, but I'll leave that for someone else's blog) .

I've got to get my "Cheer Squad" yelling louder! In fact, so loud that the Saboteur has to leave town. The best way I find to do this is to reset my Goals and have them clearly on display and "in my face" - it helps me refocus and have less time for the Saboteur and more fun with the Cheer Squad. Ha haa!


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